ASEAN Resort

ASEAN Resort
ASEAN Resort

A place for 4-season weekend vacation has firstly introduced in the North for you and your families. Being away of 35 km west of central Hanoi, ASEAN Resort, which has an area of 17 ha lies at the mountainous Ba Vi with flowers and fruits in the resort.

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Overview of ASEAN Resort

While other resorts are popular with the taste of sea, ASEAN Resort is featured by new model of high quality services.

ASEAN Resort
ASEAN Resort

Surrounding by picturesque Ninh Khieu stream, ASEAN Resort enjoys the advantage of green mountain area. It has a boundless space with the typical fragrance of plants and flowers. Architects have skillfully combined the natural beauty with human efforts to construct a perfect ASEAN Resort with villas, restaurants and entertainment centers.

ASEAN Resort really serves you with a dreaming space in the weekends, friends meetings, outdoor activities, etc. You will save time and money while enjoying the best services provided by us. ASEAN Resort – a centre of relaxation, entertainment and foods by international standards will bring you chances for experiencing new feelings

Rooms & Facilities

ASEAN Resort
ASEAN Resort


Asean Resort & Spa includes the area of villas and hotel rooms to be designed and built the brick style of the northern plains, equipment and furniture meet standard of 5 star. Most of the villas are designed  with summer back ground , where visitors can enjoy themselves on the reclining  bamboo seat  to admire  the immense beauty  crystal block of the plants flower of  Ba Vi mountain area and glimpse  dream Ninh Khieu stream.

Golden Palm Villa

Golden Palm Villa is located near by mini golf course and the Ninh Khieu stream, unique design gives visitors the feeling luxurious and new.

Villa Yellow Daisy

Villa Yellow Daisy fronts the smoothly green garden and backs romantic Ninh Khieu spring. This villa is luxurious but close to the nature, secret, cozy but extremely spacious. In the villa, bedroom is connected to the living room, which is very suitable for very important persons or for the whole family

Villa Green Banana

Villa Green Banana is located in the east of the Resort with all rooms equipped with rose aeration tanks that help you discover nature and new feelings.

Villa Papaya

Villa Papaya has favorable position and standard design but still shows the luxury of a villa.

  • Equipment And Service
  • Free use of wireless internet in rooms and public areas
  • Free use of tea and coffee in room
  • Free entrance tickets amusement unlimited turn-based
  • Over 50 TV channels in the domestic and international
  • Free 10% service charge in the dining room
  • IDD service provider, Mini bar in room
  • Provide Iron , Iron board and wooden clogs in room
  • Private house keeper
  • Restaurants

With a system including 4 restaurants at the most beautiful positions of the Resort menu including over 300 Vietnamese and foreign dishes, it will be likely to satisfy eating and drinking demand of the tourists.

Grass leaf roof restaurant is close to the big grass cover with capacity of over 300 guests and designed open to make full use of landscape and climate of Ba Vi Mountain. The collection of over 100 special dishes from the northwestern mountain and forest are cooked by local famous cook with unique traditional flavor of  ASEAN  Resort

Floating Restaurant: The excellence of gastronomy will be boosted up if the tourists select floating restaurant for the picnic party at the weekends together with their family or relatives. With very light and profound feelings, the tourists will recall their native places with traditional field shrimp, anabas, crab soup or eggplant.

European restaurant : The tourists will come from one surprise to another surprise when going into the European restaurant because only after a door, everything turns to be quite different. The very fragrance of the beef dishes imported from other countries in the world such as Japan, Australia and Argentina will surely satisfy foreign expatriates or domestic tourists who want to enjoy one time.

Japan restaurant : Only after setting foot on the staircases the Japan restaurant, the tourists can feel the sophistication of architectural style as well as gastronomical style of the Japanese – a country of sunrise but not wait for a chance to TOKYO. At ASEAN RESORT, the tourists can totally enjoy such strange dishes as Gadidae, Kobe beef or kim chi fungi hotpot.

Bar – Karaoke

Sipping coffee or enjoying cocktail in mouthfuls at Paradise bar of ASEAN RESORT every evening, you will feel that time seems to stand by or feel quite cheery when away from the city.

Conference Room

Development of holding conferences, workshops and events is one of the strategic objectives of ASEAN Resort & Spa. The investor has built many fully equipped meeting halls and event to best meet the customer’s demands.

A broad space, a smoothly green grass yard, a traditional architectural style that bears identity of forest and mountain are quite suitable for company partier or teambuilding activities.

Located in the center, the Asian feature of the Resort is shown in each architectural line. A smoothly green space with natural light covering the room is very suitable for symposiums.

Located near gentle Ninh Khieu spring, Ninh Khieu meeting hall meets full standards of a high-grade meeting hall

Oriental is located on the second floor of the bungalow, having general vision and Oriental architecture but showing an Europe standard inside

Resort & Spa

ASEAN Resort & Spa is a high-grade spa using tens of rare and precious herbal medicine that have been selected carefully, prepared specially under the traditional method, reflecting the harmonious combination of the oriental traditional medical method in using various herbs. This is gift from the nature for the tourists at ASEAN RESORT.

Others Services

Covering and area of 17 ha and surrounded by gentle Ninh Khieu spring, abundant and diversified vegetation cover, fresh air, uniform sports and recreation facilities, ASEAN Resort & Spa is an ideal place to exercise and enhance health and satisfy the passion for discovery for everyone

  • Golf court
  • Tennis court
  • Grass skiing
  • Riding bike
  • Fishing

Other sports and activities: With advantage in space and big grass yard, ASEAN Resort is an ideal place to hold types of traditional recreation with numerous participant such as tug of war, football, earth-ware pot, camping fire and other team building games.