Whale Island Resort review

Whale Island Resort
Whale Island Resort

The island is a beautiful secluded retreat set between several land masses off the coast of Van Ninh, 2 hours north of Nha Trang.

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Review about the facilities of Whale Island Resort

The bungalows are lovely and simple, complete with a shower and mosquito netting over the beds. The draw, of course, is the beach. It is simply gorgeous. The food is some of the best I have had in Vietnam blending traditional Vietnamese with western desserts. Activities on the island include sailing, snorkeling, and massage. I would highly recommend this resort to any looking for a beach truly secluded from the rest of the world.

Whale Island Resort
Whale Island Resort

Things would have been so different. We were picked up at Nha Tang airport as part of our package and after three hours driving through interesting scenery we finally arrived at our destination just in time to see a beautiful sunset. Perfect, so we thought! My first thought was what do we do as the “beach” was minute and there was little evidence of any activity. We were shown to our beach front bungalow, which was basic, but clean and resolved ourselves that we would be living out of a suitcase..

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About the meals

The first evening meal was good, fresh food and a good selection of local dishes. After a long day’s travelling we were all set to have a good sleep and prepare ourselves for a lazy day in the sun. BUT the winds howled and the sea rolled and our little bungalow was like a wind tunnel, so much so that we had no sleep.

Unfortunately for the next three days the weather stayed the same and all there was to do was to huddle in the hut by the bar, which is the only place to get Wifi and read and think about getting off the island!! In all fairness the staff were accommodating and moved us to one of the superior bungalows further back armed with ample supplies of blankets. The bathroom was better but you do have to let the water run for ages to get it lukewarm. So if you are a strict environmentalist who feels guilty about wasting water then be prepared to have a cold shower.

About the activities

It would seem that any extra activities have to be paid for and were quite pricey, but since we had no opportunity to use them I don’t know whether they were good value or not. The price of drinks was reasonable, except for wine, considering they have a captive market. I know the resort hasn’t any control over the weather but they should consider alternative activities in the “winter months” as there is absolutely nothing to do.

Whale Island Resort
Whale Island Resort

We couldn’t even go for a walk for fear of being blown away or swept into the sea. Our highlight was to have our meals and fortunately they were good, despite the windblown surroundings. The staff were equally affected by the weather and the waitresses wore anoraks over their traditional dresses to keep warm.

So all in all it did not give off a very good impression. Our idyllic break of a “hammock on the beach” as described by our travel agent was just an illusion. So my advice would be to think seriously at what time of year you go to Whale Island and be prepared to spend money on activities or bar bills, as the case may be! And take loads of reading material and warm clothes..